Monthly Dayschool programs for kids

Many different themes are available for Day School or Day Care programs. KidzScience will do the program in your center, making it easy since we come to you, for a customized “In-School Field Trip”! We supplement what is currently being taught by having the kids do hands-on science. The science experiments the kids do really enforce the principles they are learning. 

Day School Programs Include:

  • Time at center determined by number of classes participating!
  • 1 hands-on experiment per visit!
  • Kids leave with cool science stuff that THEY create!

Science Themes Include:

  • Crazy Chemistry!
  • Geology Rocks!
  • KidzScience in the Kitchen!
  • Science at the Speed of Light!
  • Shocking Science!
  • Shark Lab!
  • Biology Blast!
  • Opposite do Attract!
  • Water Wonders!

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