Summer Programs

Many different themes are available for Summer programs. KidzScience will do the program in your center, making it easy since we come to you, for a customized “In-School Field Trip”! We can do hands-on experiments for a certain weekly theme, and our science experiments really enforce the principles they are learning. ¬†We are extremely flexible and enjoy meeting science experiment challenges!
Summer Programs Include:

  • Time at center determined by number of classes participating!
  • 1 hands-on experiment per visit!
  • Kids leave with cool science stuff that THEY create!

Science Themes Include:

  • Crazy Chemistry!
  • Geology Rocks!
  • KidzScience in the Kitchen!
  • Science at the Speed of Light!
  • Shocking Science!
  • Shark Lab!
  • Biology Blast!
  • Opposite do Attract!
  • Water Wonders!

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