Afterschool Programs

After-School Programs Include:

  • 1 Hour of Science Fun Per Week!
  • Up to 2 hands-on experiments
  • Kids leave with cool science stuff that THEY create!

Science Themes Include:

    • Crazy Chemistry!
    • Geology Rocks!
    • KidzScience in the Kitchen!
    • Science at the Speed of Light!
    • Shocking Science!
    • Shark Lab!
    • Biology Blast!
    • Opposite do Attract!
    • Water Wonders!

School districts we have offered our after-school programs in:
Frisco I.S.D.
Prosper I.S.D.
McKinney I.S.D.

2 thoughts on “Afterschool Programs”

    1. Nyssa,
      I’ve contacted all schools in MISD, but all but Bennett turned me down. I really do not understand, since I do all of the work for registration, and it’s only for 6 weeks at a time, one day a week. If you want Kidzscience at your school, the best bet is for you to contact the Principal/VP, since they make the decisions. MISD is the only district I’ve worked with where the individual schools decide, NOT the district. Thanks, Jet

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