It’s Summer….help alleviate boredom with a KidzScience Program at your school or summer program!


KIDZSCIENCE has some availability for your “last-minute” hands-on Science or STEM program needs!

Call us immediately at 469-818-1890:
1. If a program or show you booked has canceled on you..
2. You want an Exciting hands-on SCIENCE program where your kids TAKE THEIR EXPERIMENTS HOME!
3. Your budget has more money in it than you expected…
We have openings available, so please contact us to book a program!

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Contact KidzScience for your next STEM Birthday Party!

Looking for a great Birthday idea? Try KidzScience! We offer FUN and EXCITING hands-on Science parties for kids ages 3 to 10.
What we offer:
1. We come to your location, and many parties are done at-home, so you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home (and Dad can still watch the football game….)
2. Up to 1.5 hours of birthday experiments!
3. Kids take home what they make and create at the party!
4. Kids are DOING instead of watching someone else do the FUN!
5. Kids get a large favor bag with a take-home experiment inside!
6. Birthday child gets a KidzScience t-shirt

Prince of Peace Christian School – Session 2 now open for registration!

Our second session at Prince of Peace is now open!

Join us for our 2nd Session (5-weeks) at Prince of Peace as we do:

  • Worm Wonders: Join us in the KidzScience Concoction Lab as we make cool, chemical worms!
  • Winter Blast: learn about snow formation and create different types of movie snow!
  • Water Wonders! make cool crystals in a test tube!
  • Sharkology: learn about the fascinating world of sharks and take home real fossil shark teeth!
  • KidzScience in the Kitchen: create your own Edible landfill (disclaimer: no real trash is used in the making of this delicious experiment)!

When: Thursdays, 3:15-4:15 pm
Who: K – 5th
Experiments change each session!

Science Is Fun and we will prove it!
We ENHANCE S.T.E.M. Learning with Hands-on and Fun Science!


Registration now open for Bennett and Eddins – McKinney ISD

We are starting soon at Bennett and Eddins Elementaries…THIS IS EXTREMELY EXCITING!

Join us for Fall Session 1 as we do experiments such as:

  • Slime Extavaganza! Join us in the KidzScience Concoction Lab as we experiment with a slimy polymer….extremely messy! Beware
  • Let there be Light: Join us as we learn about ultraviolet light and experiment with UV-sensitive object
  • Science of Flight! learn about force, gravity, lift, and motion with your own Balloon Helicopter!
  • Biology Blast: learn about animal tracks and make a cool cast!
  • Geology Rocks…learn about crystals and crack open your own geode!
  • KidzScience in the Kitchen: enjoy tasty science as we make candy!
Where: Bennett – Tuesdays, 3:00-4:00 pm
Who: K – 5th
Where: Eddins – Thursdays, 3:00-4:00 pm
Who: K – 5th

Experiments change each session!

Science Is Fun and we will prove it!
We ENHANCE S.T.E.M. Learning with Hands-on and Fun Science!



It’s almost Back-to-school time….and you need SCIENCE!

DSC_0614_pad_019 copyIt’s almost back to school time in the DFW area!

Do you need someone to come to your school or home for EXCITING SCIENCE?

We are booking now for:

  • After School Programs
  • In School STEM field trips
  • PTA and PTO programs
  • Day School and Montessori Programs
  • Birthday Parties
  • and any other special events where you NEED hands on Science fun for kids!

Call at 469-818-1890 or email us at to bring exciting HANDS-ON SCIENCE to your kids today!…..from the same developers of

Here is a sister site to the website. My kids really love because it has many fun and EDUCATIONAL games they can play, and some games are actually created so 2 kids can play at the same time, eliminating the DREADED “it’s my turn on the computer, DAD!!!!.” I checked out and it looks like fun, especially since school has just started and they are in “learning mode” again!